Interview: GOATWHORE


Luke Hayhurst interviewed Zack from GOATWHORE:

You have a new album all wrapped up and ready to go and in my opinion it’s your most powerful to date! How do you feel to have things finished and ready for release?

ZS- It feels great because it means we can hit the road hard again. Everybody involved gave 100% and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Can you tell my readers about the themes of the new album and how you came to choose the name “Constricting Rage of the Merciless”?

ZS- The title and concept is an overall description of the band and our determination to keep working hard and pushing forward no matter what. We’ve had out fair share of unfortunate situations but we always seem to persevere. We’ve still got that fire and drive to play pissed off heavy metal.

This new release marks the bands sixth studio album. After gaining so much experience over the years how do you find the whole writing/recording process compared with say your debut album?


ZS- My first record with the band was ‘A Haunting Curse’. With every record comes more knowledge of the process and a need to improve upon things. It’s always a natural progression for us as far as writing goes. With this record, we recorded analog to two inch tape instead of digital. It’s a more time consuming process but I feel it was very worth it as it captured the real essence of the band.

Are there plans to tour the new album? Will you be hitting the UK shores anytime soon? Do you have any special plans for upcoming live rituals?

ZS- We are currently on the Summer Slaughter tour in the US with Morbid Angel and several other bands. We will be heading over to the UK and Europe with Dying Fetus in November/December. Should be killer.


How did you come to choose the name Goatwhore for the band? We’re there any other names being thrown around at the time?

ZS- The name for the band comes from an encounter with a particularly unattractive stripper. The original name for the band was Kilgore in the very infant stages.


You hail from New Orleans, a city famed for its sludge doom output. What made you choose the darker, more Satanic/Anti-religious style of black/thrash?

ZS- That’s just what feels natural. It really comes down to what we all grew up on and the bands we have been influenced by. It sort of sticks with you and molds you into who you are.

Speaking of New Orleans, it’s been well documented that Hurricane Katerina caused awful devastation to the city and many bands have been interviewed regarding the effects of the event as well as lack of action taken by the Bush administration in the aftermath. We’re you as a band heavily effected by the destruction and what are your thoughts on how it has been handled since? How is New Orleans coping now after so many years?

ZS- It was a giant pain in the ass for sure but no one’s house or property was seriously damaged. We were in the middle of writing ‘A Haunting Curse’ when the storm hit so we ended up relocating to Phoenix, Arizona to finish the writing. There are parts of the city that are still in shambles but for the most part it has recovered very well.

To finish with, can you tell me what we can expect from Goatwhore in the coming months? What are your hopes for the future?

ZS- We will finish out the summer in the States then head across the pond in November for a full European and UK tour. We are also doing some US dates with Samhain in the fall which I am very excited about. I just hope to stay busy and spread our music like a plague!
The album Constricting Rage Of The Merciless is out on Metalblade Records