Fördärv – Between The Eternities



Nigredo Records

8/10 – Review by Susanne Sinmara

On the back of their first output, the EP The Echo Of Emptiness, here comes Sweden’s Fördärv’s debut album, out on the new and eclectic Nigredo Records. Between The Eternities starts where The Echo Of Emptiness left off, with raw and cold, yet still moody old school 90ies black metal. Now this has obviously been done to death, but Fördärv manage to bring life into a (sub)genre that has all too many mediocre and boring bands. The two members wish to remain anonymous, so there won’t be any distractions and let only the music speak for itself.

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The production is just how it used to be back then – cold, with a ‘fuck you, we do it our way’ attitude. Bestial and insane screams, pounding drums with plenty of tempo changes, and riffs that range from frenzied to slow and doom – they fit the theme of the album very well: the various ways, sorrow and longing of dying and death. They don’t shy away from using latin in their lyrics either (Taedium Vitae). All this ties in well with the cover artwork of the reaper in a boat on a sea – grainy, black and white. Old school and proud – an album for those cold winter nights.