King Of Asgard – Karg



Swedish Melodic Death/Viking Metal

8/10 – Review by Luke Hayhurst


What a difference two years makes! I remember writing my review for King of Asgard’s previous album “…To North” whilst sat in Nottingham train station after an Orange Goblin gig, my train was late and I had pen and paper on me, what luck! Now i wasn’t overly impressed with King of Asgard back then.

Musically and technically the band we’re excellent but the song writing on the album left me cold and didn’t seem to go anywhere! fast forward to the verdant green fields and startling sunshine of Cumbria in 2014 and the band have returned with a new offering entitled “Karg” and my how things have changed! “Karg” is an energetic, enticing prospect filled to the brim with engaging melodies, rampant riffs/drumming combinations and a sound that can only come from Scandinavia, one that when you hear it brings to mind cold winters, forests, mountains and of course Viking warriors! There is something about Scandinavian viking metal that hits a chord with me so well and so it begs the question, have King of Asgard improved this much or have my tastes changed? (Again) Whatever the reason, “Karg” is a captivating listen, brutal yet subtle, rampaging and eloquent and never boring! All hail King of Asgard!