Paramnesia – Paramnesia


Paramnesia – Paramnesia



Review by Susanne Sinmara

Released on French Avantgarde black metal label Les Acteurs De L’Ombre Productions, home to acts like The Great Old Ones and Pensees Nocturnes, this is French band PARAMNESIA’S first album. It’s a heady mix of Cascadian black metal with a hint of French post-black metal/atmospheric black metal and progressive black metal. Consisting of 2 songs, both being 20 minutes long, this debut easily puts a lot of other contemporary black metal outputs behind.

The first song, IV, starts off slowly, only clean guitars lulling you into a contemplative mood, before it rips into fast, uncompromising and atmospheric black metal with haunting vocals. Speaking of, these are not overpowering, therefore giving the listener space to really delve into the music. There are numerous breaks in IV, only a few slow parts before it all comes back to relentless fast paced music. The end is suitably slow and almost doom-like.

V starts off in a similar vein, slow and doomy, then ripping into another bout of frantic, fast atmospheric black metal. Interspersed with acoustic parts and progressive black metal, it never gets boring.

This is one of those albums that grow on you, and another worthy contender of album of the year in the atmospheric black metal genre. Noteworthy is also the great artwork, done by the drummer of PARAMNESIA, Pierre – aka BusinessForSatan.

For friends of Alda, Skagos, Wolves In The Throneroom, Blut Aus Nord.