Hell Spirit – “Dawn Under Curse”


Hell Spirit – “Dawn Under Curse”


(Finnish Black/Heavy/Thrash Metal)

8/10 – Luke Hayhurst

If there is one thing that Finnish band Hell Spirit know, it’s how to entertain. Primarily a black/thrash outfit, this Kuopio quartet lace their sickening sounds with a rich vein of heavy metal. The end result? Superb song craft, a good sense of melody and catchy songs!

Don’t feel too aggrieved though, this isn’t some watered down excuse for black metal. In fact Hell Spirit churn out some killer solos, chugging thrashy riffs and lots of lyrics about Hell and Satan, so never fear, all the bases are covered! Surely I’ve given you many reasons then to get hold of the bands debut album. Entitled “Dawn Under Curse” and released through Saturnal Records, this first offering from these Finnish black thrash beasts is a worthy opus to grace your collection and one that excites as much as it rages! In a world of watered down metal, a drenched scene of thousands, tens of thousands of bands, the quality is often lost. Yet in these massively over-saturated times some bands still know how to make quality music and Hell Spirit’s sense of the old school heavy and thrash metal values mixed with the savagery and Satanic imagery of black metal makes for some truly superb listening!