Doom: VS – “Earthless”


Doom: VS – “Earthless”


(Finnish Funeral/Death Doom Metal)

8/10 – Luke Hayhurst

A project so laden in misanthropic, negative doom metal that the name itself had to scream the word DOOM! Doom: VS… the brain child and solo project of Swede Johan Ericson of Draconian fame who is now onto his third solo album entitled “Earthless”.

Ericson offers nothing less than you would expect from his third offering so get set for a melancholic dawdle through crushing, blackened fury, subtle suggestive melodic wanderings and catchy, doom laden beats. Indeed, through a series of guttural growls, softer clean vocals and a varied, intricate string of harmonies, Ericson puts together a lesson in bleak realities through vast and impressive soundscapes. Funeral doom has a way of striking out with great fury without seeming to move very far or fast and Doom: VS epitomises this superbly with its sluggish pace, creeping progression but immense aggression and emotional intensity! “Earthless” is as with all Doom: VS releases a kaliedoscope of raw emotions, pleasing melodies and pent up rage and sorrow and the qualities and talent shown on the debut and sophomore albums has not wavered here!