‘Blessed Are The Dead’ Split from Blood Island Raiders and Among The Missing



Withered Hand Records

Reviewed by Steve Earles

Eight out of Ten

“Blessed are the dead for they teach is to live.”

I love splits and we just don’t see enough of them in this part of the world (with the honourable exception of the mighty Godreah Records, particularly their Meads of Asphodel “British Black Punk Metal”/Old Corpse Road “The Bones If This Land Are Not Speechless” Split)

The packaging of ‘Blessed Are The Dead’ is superb, much respect to Withered Hand for their continued support of the physical format of music. Besides, who doesn’t like Vikings…well, except for monks!

Each band contributes a studio track and some live songs making this a good value package.

Blood Island Raider’s studio track ‘Night of the Frost’ is excellent, owing a much to Led Zeppelin as Celtic Frost. The three live tracks prove they can pull off such an accomplished sound live. A band that should have a much higher profile…a gem.

Among The Missing have a pulverising sound, a blend of sludge, punk and doom, that hits the spot hard, particularly on their wittily titled studio track ‘Horses For Corpses’. Live they are much the same beast, levelling all in their sights.

A worthwhile investment!