NOCTURNAL WITCH – “Summoning Hell”

March 22nd 2014 by Undercover Records

German Black/Thrash Metal

8/10 – Luke Hayhurst


Those Germans are at it again! From a country with a superb metal pedigree and a delicious underground extreme metal scene comes a debut album from one of their rising stars, Nocturnal Witch!

Entitled “Summoning Hell” and released through Undercover Records, this Deutschland duo follow up on the few years’ worth of hard work with demo, EP’s and even a live split release with a much awaited album, one which opens well with “Hellfire Cult” which sees the band start with a steady, catchy vibe, dark and deeply ominous but with a nice flow to it. From there the savagery begins with sickeningly belligerent vocal work, frantic riffs and blast beats and an overall air of nonchalant apathy and a fuck you attitude that black/thrash bands exude so well!Would you have it any other way?

As things progress the true violent nature of black metal comes out but fused with the catchy, almost upbeat flow that adding the thrash element brings, however the bands song writing is of a high quality and so each track whilst remaining heavy and ravenous in attack still includes moments of slower, more brooding melody to temper the overall onslaught! A strong and powerful album from start to finish, Nocturnal Witch’s debut album is definitely one to get your hands on.