Rippikoulu – Ulvaja



rippikoulu ulvaja cover

Svart Records

Release: 13 June 2014

Finnish Death/Doom


Review by Susanne Sinmara

So, I’m not normally a particularly big death/doom fan, but this album has definitely caught me by surprise, and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite albums of the year. It’s not really an album as such actually, just an EP, but if this is a taster of what’s to come, it’s going to be grand.

RIPPIKOULU are based in Finland, and Ulvaja is their third release – in 21 years. Their second, and best known one – Musta Seremonia – was only released as demo tape in 1993 and has since gained some kind of cult following. It will be released together with the new EP in June 2014 on Svart Records.

The three songs on Ulvaja have such an oppressing, crushing atmosphere, yet they are kind of cathartic as well. On Jää hyvästi kaunis kesä the typical death metal growling is backed by female vocals and sparingly set piano, which might not sound great, but in this case fits perfectly. On the title track the singer pours out his agony with such a passion, you almost start to suffer with him.

None of the songs are more than mid-paced, and the whole EP is only 18 minutes long, but oh, those 18 minutes are fantastic. Here’s hoping there’s more to come very soon!