FÖRDÄRV – The Echo of Emptiness



Nigredo Records

8/10 – review by Susann Sinmara

From Sweden hail FÖRDÄRV, a two man band formed in 2012, consisting of Gast (drums, vocals and lyrics) and En (guitars, bass). They have been in other bands before, but want to remain anonymous with FÖRDÄRV, so any connection with private lives an background would not destroy the magic they were making with their music.

With FÖRDÄRV (meaning ‘perdition/ruin’ in Swedish) they want to go on a quest to explore occultism, philosophy and myhology through the music of the second wave Black Metal. The 5 tracks on The Echo Of Emptiness are mirroring the cycle of microcosm and macrocosm – and although this may sound rather abstract, once you know this, the music is starting to make more sense. The repetitiveness of the riffs, the continuous blast beats – only sparsley interwoven with atmospheric parts and not too many drum breaks, do evoke said cycle of microcosm and macrocosm. Even the cover art reflects this. The vocals are suitably grim and hateful to add to the atomsphere of The Echo Of Emptiness.

It’s an album that slowly grows on you, and it could well have been recorded in the early 90ies.

A band to watch out for.