Gig Review: Sheol/שְׁאוֹל – debut gig @ Unicorn, London, UK


On the back of their rather successful first album, Sepulchral Ruins Below The Temple, occult Death Metal act Sheol/שְׁאוֹל made their first live appearance at the Unicorn in London last night.

The mood was set by multiple candles and incense – dark, menacing, intense. A wall of sound battered the audience – who came in force to see the band – and they were not disappointed. Sheol managed to transfer the dark atmosphere of their album onto the stage without any problems. I would even say that the songs come across better live than on record. The drummer did a fantastic job with his diverse drumming, even though he had the odd technical problem with his bass drum pedals.

Now the sound at the Unicorn can be a bit patchy sometimes, and unfortunately the singer couldn’t always been heard through the guitars, but here’s to seeing this great new band live again in the future.

Review by Sinmara