Review: The Lustmord – Trapped in Purgatory


The Lustmord – “Trapped in Purgatory”

Lustmord Entertainment

5 out of 10

From the city of Phoenix comes black/death metal quartet The Lustmord whose new EP “Trapped in Purgatory” is the bands first release since 2011’s single “Zombie Disease”. Having not released a full album since 2008’s “After Death”, this EP could be the prelude to larger things and things get under way with title track “Trapped in Purgatory”, a track which sees the band open in a hugely disappointing manner.

Simplistic riffs and beats appear more chaotic than anything else and barked out vocals do little to improve the quality. Using repetitive, generic rhythms, The Lustmord seem more intent on creating noise than anything else. However the more old school death metal orientated “They Call to Me” does feature impressive, guttural growling, an onslaught of raging drums and ravenous riff-age to create a vast improvement in both flow, sound and style!

“Blood Flows Red” is another cluttered, unimpressive slab of high energy aggression but low quality music whilst “Zombie Disease”, a track written at least three years previous to this release has more structure, some bizarre little undertones and a more focused rampant feel too it.

Penultimate track “Shadows of the Sun” begins the quick drop off towards this release’s finale and The Lustmord offer up more tired, one dimensional blackened death metal aggression and to finish with “In One-Hundred Years” starts with softer, more melodic guitar tones and the sound of chimes before plunging into a sickening slow, ravenous bout of bleak, dark malice and a far more powerful and impressive track than the rest on offer.

In truth “Trapped in Purgatory” is far two up and down in terms of quality to be considered a good release and whilst I don’t await their next piece of work with baited breath, tracks such as “Zombie Disease” and “In One-Hundred Years” do offer up a glimpse of how good the band can be with a little consistency!

Review by Luke Hayhurst