Review: Dråpsnatt “Hymner till undergången”




“Hymner till undergången”

Nordvis Produktion

8 out of 10

This is the Nordvis Produktions re-release of 2010’s “Hymner till undergången” by Swedish atmospheric black metal duo Dråpsnatt which was originally released through Frostcald records is now being made available through CD digipack as well as vinyl.

Sometimes simple artwork really can tell of a whole saga! When you look at the cover art for the re-released “Hymner till undergången” you know instantly what kind of experience you are in for, or do you? This is a classic example of never judging a book by its cover!

Consisting of ten tracks, it is apt that “Hymner till undergången” opens its ecclectic and diverse repertoire with “En Ensam Sol Går Ner” which translated from Swedish means “A Lonely Sun Goes Down”, for this album is a true masterpiece of distressed, agonized emotional anguish which metaphorically could be best summed up by the daily ritual of dying light!

Featuring the traditional black metal values such as cold, winter like riffs, desperate cries and ravenous shrieks and some good old fashioned blast-beats, “Hymner till undergången” is an album that takes the basic elements of early to mid 90’s black metal and turns the mould upside down! This is indeed a lesson in melancholy but the raw emotion on offer here goes up and down a scale throughout the albums tenure, ranging from placid calmness through bitterness, regret, depression and then towards the top end of the spectrum with blistering fury and mournful sobriety!

Each moment of unbridled out pouring comes in the form of varying levels of intense vocal wor, from haunting clean tones to vicious, raging screams and all are backed up with bizarre piano work that leaves you guessing at their next change of course and tempo, soaring undertones, folk influence and almost jazz like interludes! To put it simply, “Hymner till undergången” may be a black metal album but in essence it is also a smorgasbord of sounds, ideas, influences and moods that are brought together sublimely to create a diverse, thought provoking and soulful record!