Review of the epic fourth album “Pantheist” from Irish death metal beast Coldwar!

PromoImageColdwar – “Pantheist” [Candlelight Records]

irish death metal band Coldwar have been on the go for the last fiteen years and this year sees the release of their fourth studio album, the Candlelight Records released “Pantheist”.

Now rather than just bashing out the same USDM inspired riffs and gore soaked lyrics, Coldwar feel like tey have actually put some thought into their work and so “Pantheist” is a very dark, brooding and intensive affair, raw and cold throughout and with an overall deadly feel!

Coldwar’s tracks have an air of the fantastical and the cerebral about them. From “Mazu Awakens” you get a feel of some great mythical beast rousing from slumber and the music produced in this track is laced with peril as well as superb technical ability! However its titled like “The Falcon Cannot Hear the Falconer” that really grabs my interest!

Despite Coldwar’s inventive and dare I say it progressive leanings they do prove that they can take a step back and lay down super aggressive riffs and beats just like other death metal bands as the colossal “13th Moon” so aptly demonstrates!

A thoroughly enjoyable album then from these Irish dealers of death! Destructive but thought provoking, constantly intense and very, very addictive! [9/10 – Luke Hayhurst]