A review of “Boken om Förbannelsen”, the new compilation from Swedish doom band Burning Saviours!

PrintBurning Saviours – “Boken om Förbannelsen” [I Hate Records]


“Boken om Förbannelsen” is an I Hate Records released compilation of work by Swedish doom lords Burning Saviours, a band who have graced their magnificent roster for many years!

Burning Saviours blend their doom with flashes of hard and classic rock and so their sound is a very groove orientated, musicianship focused affair. Rather than crushing tempos, the band use subtle melodies and excellent song writing skills to make something more in the ball park of riff worship mixed with great tunes and enigmatic vocals.

As a compilation this really highlights the band from all through their career despite this being just a compilation of their four 7″ recorded between 2011-2013 – material previously not available on CD , casting light upon all of their previous album releases. In places things are low key and comfortable, at others they are graceful and harmonic and the old school rock influences are forever present, hinting at bands such as Pink Floyd and The Doors.

I’m not overly a fan of compilations but this is one to definitely check out if you are new to the band, or are a collector! [7/10 – Luke Hayhurst]