Review of “Homo… Homini… Hyaena!” by Italian Grindcore band Hyaena Rabid


“Homo… Homini… Hyaena!”

17/09/2013 by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions



I. Spin

II. Freak Mafia

III. X5 Suicide

IV. Blastfamous

V. Education by the Stick

VI. Bullfrog Petardo

VII. Chupacabras

VIII. Tsunami Attack on Vatican State

IX. Les Filles Qui Frappent Sont Tres Effreyantes

X. Santanatema


According to the metal archives website and the promotional info that comes with this release, Hyaena Rabid are an Italian grindcore band. Now whilst I can certainly hear the grindcore influence on the bands debut album “Homo… Homini… Hyaena!”, a Grind band that does not make them! Yes you have the obligatory movie samples and the occasional moment of pig squealing vocals, but what this album is at best is a generic sped up death metal record, crossed with thrash and elements of more mainstream forms of metal and whilst all bet it listenable, is sadly very forgettable also!

Hell, the songs are way too long to be Grindcore anyway, three and a half minutes? That’s an eternity! Maybe I’m just not in tune with what the band are doing but I don’t find their misspelled name clever, their style is simplistic and oh so tiresome and a few tracks you end up switching off. Must try harder!

[4/10 – Luke Hayhurst]