Review of the epic “Empress Rising” from doom titans MONOLORD!


“Empress Rising”

01/04/14 by EasyRider Records

Stoner Doom Metal


I. Empress Rising

II. Audhumbla

III. Harbinger of Death

IV. Icon

V. Watchers of the Waste


Picking up superb reviews from such informed doom sources such as Terrorizer, Ninehertz and The Sludgelord, “Empress Rising” is the brand new EasyRider Records released LP from Swedish rockers turned doom metal titans Monolord! Having debuted the records title track at last year’s Roadburn Festival in Holland, this psychedelic doom band treat us to a full feast of crushing, bass rumbling bombardment which scream of Electric Wizard style influence! Opening with the afore-mentioned title track, Monolord are slow in building up their sound but utterly devastating in the colossal, crushing tidal wave of doom they unleash once they reach crescendo! With thick, meaty riffs bathed in sludge and fuzz, cavernous bass rumblings and a dreamy, trip like vocal style, Monolord and “Empress Rising” drench you in seven different shades of groove and reverb laden melody!


With your head well and truly nodding like the Churchill dog on speed, Monolord treat you to their next aural feast, the instrumental bombardment of “Audhumbla”, the song with the unfathomable name and more all-consuming doom fury! From there “Harbinger of Death” adds more Sabbath influence into its bass lines, hypnotic vocal work, and a psychedelic trance like rhythm in its veins before “Icon” grinds out an abrasive path of down tuned, grooved up doom majesty! Ending with “Watchers of the Waste”, Monolord bring to close a truly remarkable slab of uncompromising doom!


Every year there is at least one doom metal release that just destroys them all. 2012 had Moonless with “Calling all Demons” and Undersmile with “Narwhal”, last year saw Windhand’s “Soma” take up the down tuned baton along with the stunning self-titled debut from Serpent Omega! 2014 is shaping up to be the year of Conan’s “Blood Eagle” and now Monolord and their epic sounding “Empress Rising”! It’s going to take some beating! Doom on!

[9.5/10 – Luke Hayhurst]