Review of “Execute the Innocent”, the debut album of Austrian death metallers BREWED AND CANNED!


“Execute the Innocent”

16/04/14 by Blacksmith Records

Brutal Death Metal


I. Multiple Bone Injection

II. Behind 8 Doors

III. Harvest

IV. Perverse Reflections

V. Killfuckfeed

VI. Into Slavery

VII. Execute the Innocent

VIII. Breathing the End

IX. Vomiting Liquified Innards

X. A Violent Maelstorm


Austrian brutal death metal filth mongers Brewed and Canned have been spreading their bile and detritus since back in 1998 and this year featuring truly horrific artwork and with the Blacksmith Records mark upon it they have unleashed a new album, “Execute the Innocent”. With no time to spare for intricate intro’s and thought provoking build ups, opening track “Multiple Bone Injection” is as musically painful as its name suggests with thundering riffs, monstrous drumming and abrasive growled vocals spewing forth horrific vocals right from the off! Seemingly intent on flat out audio battery with flourishes of guitar wankery in place of any real melody, this first offering is somewhat of a statement of intent!

Up next is “Behind 8 Doors” which features more rhythm whilst not easing up on the brutality as this Cannibal Corpse sounding old school death metal track really gets the album into full swing. Just as thunderous but adding nothing more in terms of diversity is the rampant “Harvest” with its intense double kick drumming whilst further into proceedings “Perverse Reflections” offers up a bass heavy slower paced and more grinding style of death dealing savagery!

With a string of short, volatile and frenzied tracks up next, Brewed and Canned dish out more fury and hatred without really pushing the limits of death metal or imagination and it’s up to penultimate track “Vomiting Liquid Innards” to fuse some true melody into proceedings before the band finish with the aggressive “A Violent Maelstrom”. A decent death metal album if not a little tired and clichéd but well performed none the less!

[6/10 – Luke Hayhurst]