Review of the self titled debut album from Finnish Doom Metal quartet SERPENT WARNING!

403755Serpent Warning – “Serpent Warning” [I Hate Records]

Its time for more debut doom offerings! Yes, Finnish doom band Serpent Warning did release an EP back in 2012, the enigmatically titled “Beyond the Wisdom”, but this self titled record is the bands debut album, six tracks of old school traditional doom goodness wrapped in artwork full of mystique!

Featuring Samuli Pesonen (Qraken) on vocals, yes he of Horna to name one of many, the album opens with the satisfyingly groovy and comforting tones and down tuned riff melodies of the enigmatic “Evil River”, a pure doom classic in the making with sorrow filled vocal work, plenty of bass and a warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia!

Next up is “Beyond the Wisdom”, taken from their debut EP which continues the bands liquid style of free flowing, floaty doom majesty! Nothing about the Serpent Warning style feels rushed and their pace is a languid, soft affair made to make you feel at ease and let the tunes flow into you.

That really sums the album up really, a pleasant outing of doom that’s not so crushingly heavy that you can’t just sit back and appreciate the musicianship! Very enjoyable all round! [7/10 – Luke Hayhurst]