Review of the second album from US Heavy/Doom band SATAN’S SATYRS entitled “Die Screaming”


“Die Screaming”

20/04/14 by Bad Omen Records

Heavy/Doom Metal/Punk


I. Thumpers Theme

II. Instruments of Hellfire

III. Curse of the Corpse

IV. Black Souls

V. Show Me Your Skull

VI. One by One (They Die)

VII. Lucifer Lives

VIII. Die Screaming


3540300125_photoVirginians Satan’s Satyrs are on somewhat of a roll right now after last year’s successful Roadburn Festival appearance and now they look set to capitalize on this with the release of their second album “Die Screaming” later this month through Bad Omen records. Things open with the psychedelic tones of the organ driven “Thumpers Theme” before the lengthy “Instruments of Hellfire” takes up the heavy doom groove with some filthy sounding riffs! With murky riffs comes groove drenched rhythms, sleaze soaked vocal work and engaging melodies and Satan’s Satyrs are far from done there. Add into the mix increasingly furious and driven melodies and a flourish of bongos and you’ll start to somewhat appreciate the dexterity and complexity within the band’s sound. Add still further the soothing and satisfying organ undertones to “Curse of the Corpse” and the punk influenced and in my opinion The Hives meets The Doors inspired mania behind “Black Souls” and it’s clear that one spin of this disc just isn’t going to cut it!


3540300125_logo“Show Me Your Skull” is definitely the albums heavy metal anthem with catchy lyrics in the chorus and groovy riffs throughout whilst “One by One (They Die)” is another solid dose of heavy/doom melody drenched once more in old school reverb and gloom. From there though the album gets lengthy and I mean that in a good way! Penultimate track “Lucifer Lives” weighs in at over ten minutes of fast paced heavy metal mayhem combined with moments of slower, more intense riff worship. Ending with title track “Die Screaming”, Satan’s Satyrs change things up completely with a low key, slow and mellow affair that rises out of the ashes grudgingly and blooms into a thought provoking, almost progressive rock meets psychedelic doom like cliff hanger! The perfect end to an album that really does grow on you the more you listen to it, an album of hidden charms!

[8/10 – Luke Hayhurst]