My review of doom duo CROSS VAULT’s debut releasse, “Spectres of Revocable Loss”

securedownloadBand: Cross Vault

Release: Spectres of Revocable Loss

Label: Northern Silence Productions

Genre: Doom

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 8 out of 10 


To give you a quick fire example of Cross Vault’s sound, think Warning [UK]. This six track debut opus released through Northern Silence Productions features five original compositions, one cover of a Warning [UK] track and superb artwork by Lucas Ruggieri, and that is all the information I have been able to gather about this mysterious doom duet!

How should any traditional doom album start? A slight tap or three of symbol followed by crushing, slow riffs mixed with thundering drum beats and cataclysmic symbols! Clearly Cross Vault share my view and so opening track “Void of Old, Void to Come” does exactly that! Vocally Cross Vault has a slow, ponderous style that echoes as if off the rafters off some great hall! To back up the grandoise vocal tones the music is drawn out, dirge like and patient!

In terms of melody and engaging material, Cross Vault rely on the heavy doom laden nature of their play whilst dragging their sound along torturously whilst all the while easily picked up lyrics sink in quickly! Give “Spectres of Revocable Loss” a few spins and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Cross Vaults have unveiled an impressive debut!