Review of Czech Death Metal band Heaving Earth’s 2012 EP “Redemption Ablaze”

349523Heaving Earth – “Redemption Ablaze”

For those who feel that the name Heaving Earth is somewhat familiar, it is in fact taken from a Morbid Angel song. Following two demo releases and a debut full length album entitled “Diabolic Prophecies”, Czech death dealers Heaving Earth returned in 2012 with a fourth release and debut EP released through Lavadome Productions entitled “Redemption Ablaze”. Featuring only the two tracks, things get under way with “I Am Nothing” and sees the band open things in noisy, abrasive fashion and soon their technical chops are soaring and the brutality is truly let loose!

In truth its hard to gauge too much from only two tracks but whats on offer whilst not breath taking is certainly workmanlike and rampant! With a good sense of song writing and musicianship, Heaving earth are finely poised to do well but will need to get creative to rise above the masses of extreme metal bands currently plying their trade! [7/10 – Luke Hayhurst]