My review of “Primitive Age”, the debut demo from US Heavy/Speed metallers BAT

394411Band: Bat

Release: Primitive Age [Demo]

Label: Tankcrimes Records

Location: Virginia, USA

Genre: Heavy/Speed

Release Date: 22cd November, 2013

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 7 out of 10

Link: Bat FB

“Primitive Age” is the debut five track demo offering from Virginian heavy/speed metallers BAT! Thirteen minutes of balls to the wall, alcohol fueled thuggery in old school form! Opening with “BAT”, the band kick off in typically filthy fashion with crust smeared riffs, sleaze laden vocals and a dire warning to beware the bat bellowed out wherever possible! It isn’t the tightest of records and nor would you want it to be. No, all flaws and blemishes are worn proudly like a badge of honour as BAT progress along their solo happy riff-fest! Unbelievably the short, sharp shock that is “Total Wreckage” adds further to the grime and murk whilst the slamming tones of “Code Rude” add an air of hilarity and vulgarity to an already swamp dwelling record! Penultimate track “Rule of the Beast” adds nothing in terms of diversity but continues the bands rocking journey towards heavy metal redemption and as things get closer to the end, “Primitive Age” sees things out with suitably aggressive force! An impressive demo the, one mired in old school charm and vomit stained barbarity!