Here is a double review of “Silent Comes Your Death” & “Genital Mutilation in the Name of God” from UK Death/Viking/Folk one man band CARNIVOROUS FOREST

402959Carnivorous Forest – Silent Comes Your Death / Genital Mutilation in the Name of God”

Originally hailing from Nova Scotia in Canada but now residing in London here in the UK, Carnivorous Forest is the one man project of Pope Richard of The Meads of Asphodel! Following his original demo release, the red demo, Pope followed things up with both “Silent Comes Your Death” and then more recently “Genital Mutilation in the Name of God”. “Silent” opens with “White Wolves” and things begin with acoustic tones winding forward peacefully. To say things flow well would be an exaggeration as this has a stunted feel too it and the clean vocals are reduced to background noise due to poor mastering. Up next is “Ice” and here the metal kicks in, harsh, abrasive and gritty but also simplistic, sluggish and decidedly ordinary. That said with a little perseverance the inner charms of this release will reveal themselves and whilst my initial comments remain valid there are some interesting rhythms in the chorus. “Impaled on Flesh, Impaled on Steel” is a brief foray into distorted, rampant death metal and marks a severe improvement in the quality of the demo and the bass heavy “Slay the Queen” has its moments too despite yet more seemingly basic play! And so things continue, its not great I’m afraid but nor is it the worst thing I’ve heard. it does have that stereotypical one man band feel and the mastering needs plenty of work but i’m sure the man knows this already! [4/10]

So this year sees the release of the “Genital Mutilation in the Name of God” EP and oh yes things have improved! Again starting acoustically, the mastering and production is in a different league to the previous release and as a result the vocals are clear and easy to listen too. Its a good job too because “Carving the Cunt” is a delightful little number ripe with the gushing of claret and the screams of agony. Lovely! As well as the production its great to see more intricacy in the music and more thought going into the creativity. Truly the progress is remarkable. Also acoustic, “Cocksucker” is just as pleasant a prospect as the last track and seems to feature a male infants genitals getting bitten by a pedophile. Clearly the aim here may be shock value and but whats funny is the sombre, peaceful accompanying music adds a very odd but enjoyable contrast. This seems to be the motif for the whole release, vile repugnant subject matter mixed with acoustic wanderings, an interesting listen to say the least! [7/10 – Luke Hayhurst]