A review of the Acid Witch/Nunslaughter “Spooky” 7″ Split Release

405928Band: Acid Witch/Nunslaughter

Release: Spooky

Label: Hells Headbangers Records

Location: USA

Genre: Psychedelic Doom/Death / Death

Release Date: March 24th 2014

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link: Acid Witch FB / Nunslaughter FB

Its time for another funky two way split release! Hells Headbangers have dished up a fresh serving of filth by the way of US bands Acid Witch and Nunslaughter in a psychedelic doom meets death metal slobberknocker! Entitled “Spooky”, this 7″ gets under way with Acid Witch and “Evil”, a track that sees the Michigan doom crew open with a fine blend of down tuned groove, sadistic rasping vocal work and all of the psychedelic undertones and accompanyments that you’d expect! throw in a few technical flourishes and an inriguing, catchy sound and “Evil” opens things up nicely and leads well into Nunslaughters “Spooky Tails”, a more old school death metal number played slowly and with a truly menacing air and easily picked up lyrics! “A Sordid Past” continues the bands morbid streak with a faster, more chaotic track of pummeling violence! Acid Witch round out the record with “Fiends of Old”, opening with a hilarious news report on protess over metal song names, quickly cut off by the bands rampant, raenous style of more death metal sounding horror! Give it a few spins and I think you’ll aggree with me that “Spooky” is a cracking little record!