A review of “The Abrogation”, the sophomore album from USDM band CHAOS INCEPTION

340562Chaos Inception – “The Abrogation” [Lavadome Productions]


Alabama is often seen as a backward thinking, closed minded community so the fact that a death metal band hails from there seems all the more impressive! Chaos Inception are of course one of many death metal bands from Alabama and back in 2012 they released their sophomore album release “The Abrogation”, released through Lavadome Productions and the follow up to their 2009 released debut “Collision With Oblivion”. With a name meaning to revoke, maybe humanity, religion or both, the album gets under way with title track “The Abrogation” and sees the band open in typically frantic and chaotic mayhem! Vicious growling vocals, ravenous riffs and unstoppable double kick drumming are an ever present on this album as you would expect!

What it lacks in subtlety and diversity “The Abrogation” more than makes up for in power and sheer brutal intensity! As an album it is dominant and hate fueled and whilst it doesn’t standout from other albums for the ilk, it is an album worth checking none the less. [6.5/10 – Luke Hayhurst]