A review of “Infamy Divine”, the brand new EP from Slovakian brutal death metallers PERVERSITY

397285Perversity – “Infamy Divine” [Lavadome Productions]


Slovakian brutal death metal pioneers Perversity have returned with a Lavadome Productions released EP entitled “Infamy Divine” Opening with “Vermin” this short sharp shock of brutal musical assault begins with the expected fast, rampant and brutal death metal onslaught with little room for variation and if I’m honest, melody! Whilst Perversity aren’t a bad band, certainly not in terms of musicianship anyway, their over done brand of brutal death metal is tired and has been done to death and there is no effort here to sound even half way original.

So whilst technically a decent band, “Infamy Divine” is a bland soulless slab of brutality with little substance! [3/10 – Luke Hayhurst]