[REVIEW] Sammath | Godless Arrogance

PromoImageBand: Sammath

Release: Godless Arrogance

Label: Hammerheart Records

Location: Nijmegan, Holland

Genre: Black

Release Date: 3rd February 2014

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook

Over the years Sammath have been met with grim delight as their war anthems and Satanic musings have wound their way into the waiting minds of the black metal underground, so what could more telling than the artwork depicting the Normandy beaches in war time for their fifth studio opus entitled Godless Arrogance, released through Hammerheart Records.

If you we’re hoping for an intricate layered intro to opening track Shot in Mass then you will be sadly disappointed! Sammath storm into this album like German bullets into the American and British forces on the beaches! Sammath are an oppressive proposition by anyone’s standards, a forceful slab of black metal savagery played fast, loud and violently! Fear Upon Them has a fearsome maniacal edge brought about by blistering blast beats and venomous vocals as well as the cold tones of rampaging ravenous riff-age! Two songs in and its clear that Sammath still hold to the old school traditional black metal values and sound!

Sammaths sound may not always be the most flowing but then the clear aim of Godless Arrogance is not one oh cohesion but brutal decimation! yet even amidst the chaos and carnage of the bands surging, vengeful sound you can hear the grinding melodies that make up their works undertones! Further on Thrive in Arrogance is a slower but even more potent and lethal dose of intense black metal that once more soon explodes into more of an onslaught but with a more methodical, calculating core! This World Must Burn (Hammer of Supremacy) is an abrasive, dangerous barrage of vitriolic hostility whilst Through Filth and the Remains of Man despite more thundering brutality still manages to include more gripping, grinding tones within the folds of the bands blackened tapestry!

Death (Hunt Them Down) is the albums penultimate tracks and adds more barbarity to the bands already bleak and lawless landscape and Sammath choose to end things with Nineteen Corpses Hang in the Mist and so bring to a close a thoroughly venomous, ruthless slice of black metal savagery! Highly recommended!