[REVIEW] Skinlepsy | Condemning the Empty Souls

385088Band: Skinlepsy

Release: Condemning the Empty Souls

Label: Shinigami Records

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Genre: Thrash

Release Date: 2013

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 6 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook

From the bustling streets of São Paulo comes a thrash band who after a mi-start back in the early naughties have reformed and unleashed their debut album, Condemning the Empty Souls. Yes I’m taking about Skinlepsy who open things with Crucial Words and proceed then to unleash a battering of fast, modern sounding thrash metal with death metal influences! Thoroughly rampant and relentless in attack, Skinlepsy lack all sense of grace and subtlety and instead go for the jugular through raw, in your face aggressive vocal work, frenetic drumming and ravenous riff-age! In slower moments the band build suspense well and take on a far more foreboding, calculating vibe, but for the most part the album is an adrenaline fueled roller coaster ride of frantic, thrashing aggression and venomous truths!

It took the band nearly a decade to reform after their initial split back in 2003 but now they are back, with a record deal in tow and a debut album of forceful opinions and tones!