[REVIEW] The Graviators | Motherload

399789Band: The Graviators

Release: Motherload

Label: Napalm Records

Location: Malmo, Sweden

Genre: Stoner Doom

Release Date: 28th March 2014

Reviewer: Kevin “Junk” Kidd

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook

It’s always cool listening to a relatively fresh band (formed in 2009) like Swedish act The Graviators, a band who flawlessly displays a beautiful fusion between the ol’ Sabbath brain-slicing sharped riffs and the softly interpreted dark rock ‘n’ roll of local legends Witchcraft, two groups that tattooed their music into the depths of my mind a long, long time ago.
In addition to these influences, through the album “Motherload”, The Graviators prove an immense capacity to add their own touch as well: the solos – either bluesy, chilling and mesmerizing that sends you in one hell of a trip, or, melodic harmonies specific to the northern rock culture, that simply stuns the listener ; the very creative work with them synths – element which emphasizes the catchiness of every song; and surely not the least – unmistakable mix and clinical production done by Mr. Berno Paulsson. For those who don’t know, his producer resume contains albums of Amon Amarth, Denial of God or The Haunted, so I say the man is pretty tight at his game.
Scheduled for a late March release through the great Napalm Records and it’s subsidiary Spinning Goblin (two labels I strongly recommend for stoner rock/doom heads), the album will feature 9 monolithic tunes. In case you’ve been driven away over the years by the newer stuff (and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing), The Graviators will certainly make you love classic rock again – a type of music known by it’s superb tale telling lyrical content, also characterized by high quantities of expressiveness, feeling and emotion.
2014 already brought a fair number of good albums and “Motherload” is not just more good news, but a classic record released with a 40 years margin of error, an impulse to remember and rediscover the greatness of classic psychedelic rock.