[REVIEW] Serpent Eater | Hyena

1897992_487343824703906_1120921592_nBand: Serpent Eater

Release: Hyena

Label: Hammerheart Records

Location: Cologne, Germany

Genre: Death/Black/Sludge

Reviewer: Matthew J Richardson

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook


What happens when you mix a multitude of extreme genres together? You get something like Germany’s Serpent Eater. “Hyena” is a decent blend of Hardcore Punk, with sprinkles of Death, Black and Doom. The 6 tracks on this release is likely all you’d need, as the album delivers anguish and ferocity in 6 different blends of evil. The opening track “Ebola” perfectly represents the band’s sound in a signature fashion and sounds like an evil combination of these genres, drenched in the blackest shade of black coating that you can get. “Last Cold Word” speeds things up and smothers the listener with fast double-kicks and tremolo riffs. From here the track goes on to explore dark Black Metal territories with riffs and chord progressions evoking those of a certain Scandinavian fame. “In The Wall” features more groove-ridden arrangements, reminiscent of Satyricon. The title track proves to be the album’s fastest and most aggressive track, taking a very heavily mixed wall-of-sound approach for the first minute, but is then lulled into complacency with melancholic minor chords that is normally found in Doom that boil the track with a powerful and moving dirge. “Leitmotiv” is an almost pure Punk track with heavy chugs reminiscent of the genre; even the vocals sound more pained. “Trepanation Nation” is another bloodthirsty monster of a song with riffs that deviate between the blisteringly aggressive, to slowed-down, mid-tempo chug crushes. Some riffs towards the second half of the track were most memorable; having technical flourishes pumping the track along. This is the kind of extreme Metal that you can lose yourself in and go absolutely nuts at a live show. Give this a listen and you will want to unleash anger upon the world in a good way.