[REVIEW] Funeral Moth | Dense Fog

401588Band: Funeral Moth

Release: Dense Fog

Label: Weird Truth Productions

Location: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Genre: Funeral Doom

Release Date: 22cd February 2014

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 5 out of 10

Link: Band Myspace

From the roster of Weird Truth Productions comes the debut four track album from Japanese funeral doom trio, Funeral Moth, Entitled Dense Fog, things get under way with Moumoku – Blindness which sees the band open this album is a suitably slow, yet rather low key fashion. Deep guttural growls are joined by mostly bass melody, with a slow drum beat and symbol tap pace and minimalist, cold guitar play. Its only when you get quite far into the opening track that the big guns finally come out in the form of cavernous, monolithic riffs, down tuned to perfection and combined with the sturdy rumble of bass and more prominent and thudding drum beats!

As with any good funeral doom band the pace never gets above a crawl and the drawling sound of Funeral Moth is loaded with fuzz drenched reverb filled grooves as well as deeply depressive dirge like melodies! In fairness after one song you’ve pretty much heard it all and over all Funeral Moth have a slightly bland sound that doesn’t leave much of a lasting impression.