[REVIEW] Rafnatyr | Rafnatyr

397750Band: Rafnatyr

Release: Rafnatyr

Label: Kunsthauch

Location: Sweden

Genre: Black/Doom

Release Date: December 2013

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 6 out of 10

Link: Band Bandcamp

Rafnatyr are a Swedish black/doom duo whose debut self titled EP was released at the end of last year by Russian label Kunsthauch. Ygg is short opening of murky slow darkness that leads into the bleak landscape that is Nine Nights, a droning slab of savageness created through oppressive riff-age, nightmarish desperate vocals and the measured, grinding approach of methodical drum beats and symbol crashes! Just when the processional nature starts to wear on you the band use a simple, cold style of guitar tone to add a layer of grim depression, similar in style to something Bell Witch use!

Things draw to a close with the similarly nocturnal and foreboding Ascending which has a more lurking black metal presence and even more scathing vocals! If I’m honest whilst the EP has a good brooding vibe too it, its still one way traffic and that doesn’t leave much to write about, but if you are in the market for some grueling atmospheric darkness then you can’t go wrong with this!