[REVIEW] Subliminal Crusher | Newmanity

361972Band: Subliminal Crusher

Release: Newmanity

Label: Revalve Records

Location: Umbria, Italy

Genre: Melodic Death/Thrash

Release Date: 1st January 2013

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst


Link: Band Facebook

Clearly Italian melodic death thrashers Subliminal Crusher like to make a cerebral statement with their albums. Their debut was called Antithesis and their second E(nd)volution! Now though they have returned after a five year gap with a Revalve Records released third album, Newmanity! from the start Subliminal Crusher live up to their name, fusing intense melodies with high octane bouts of crushing death metal and aggressive, in your face thrash! Vocally for this kind of style you need a powerful force up front and boy do these guys have one! Savage vocals are dished out with aplomb whilst behind him you are treated to some wandering guitar solos,  killer riff-age and a frenetic drumming style that combines nicely with the meaty bass rumble to provide the band with a surging, full bodied sound!

With an unrelenting tidal wave of aggression and a savage intensity to their barrage like attack, this is one death/thrash album you need to experience. Get a hold of Newmanity and see how right I am!