[REVIEW] Spewtilator | Goathrower

Spewtilator_LoRezBand: Spewtilator

Release: Goathrower

Label: Boris Records

Location: Atlanta, USA

Genre: Thrash/Death/Grind

Release Date: 14th February 2014

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 7 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook

From Atlanta, Georgia comes thrash/death/grind quartet Spewtilator and their new EP Goathrower, released through Boris Records. Five tracks, nine minutes… what can go wrong? Opening with title track Goathrower and the band kick up a storm with raw changeable vocal work that go from strained cries to deep guttural growls, frenetic drumming and ravenous riffs and bass lines! Fast and catchy is the order of the day and the band also create a very endearing undertone of intense, grinding riffs. Cherokee Curse offers up more of the same barbaric onslaught as the previous tracks with its punk influenced beats and black metal inspired ferocity! Truly this is a grim release but the thrash sound gives it a fun alcohol fueled buzz at the same time. in a more traditional Grindcore mould Cave of Hatred is a twenty eight second long slab of aggression whilst Afterworld Inebriation takes the bands abrasive ravenous sound to whole new heights of brutality! Lets Get Drugs closes things out with a minute long session if rampant hostility and more punk fueled moods and so ends a short sharp shock of nastiness! Recommended.