[REVIEW] Nephyla | Código del Phylo

389569Band: Nephyla

Release: Código del Phylo

Label: Self Released

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Genre: Grind/Death

Release Date: July 2013

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 7 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook

FEMALE FUCKING GRIND! Are you ready for some filthy female grind? It almost sounds pornographic doesn’t it? Nephyla are a Mexican all girl grind duo featuring the percussion onslaught of one Valerya Slaughter and the riff-age and growls of the ravenous Katty! On the scene now since back in 2008, this is the duo’s third release, an EP going by the name of Código del Phylo, or in English the Code of Phylo!

This eight track and sixteen minute ode to filth begins with Atribución impropia; ¡Muerte al Estado! (Improper allocation; Death to the state!) Furious riffs, poisonous vocals and rampant drum beats and symbol crashes make for a gloomy atmosphere, helped in part but slightly lower production values that in this case simply increase the grime drenched vibes! Each track is a short, bleak trip to murky, rotten pastures and whilst the music isn’t always the tightest you cannot help but dig the raw aggression, sickening tones and savage energy that Nephyla produce!

It isn’t perfect and it isn’t pretty but if you like squalid slabs of underground grind from the far flung reaches of the world then give this ghastly little number a try! Highly Recommended!