[REVIEW] King of Bones | We are the Law

374293Band: King of Bones

Release: We are the Law

Label: Self Released

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Genre: Heavy

Release Date: December, 2012

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook

Released in the latter stages of 2012, We are the Law is the self released debut album of Brazilian heavy metal quartet King of Bones. Things kick off with the title track We are the Law and like any good heavy metal album King of Bones know it pays to start with an anthem! Blending an old school heavy metal vibe with a full blooded modern sound and a kick ass chorus, King of Bones have exactly that! It doesn’t stop there either as the excellent song writing continues into the immensely catchy Find Your Salvation, a track continues the bands lyrical prowess as well as their technical flair through gripping solos, hard riffs and powerful drumming. There is an element of power metal at work here in the surging melodies, emotive vocals and intense sounds, but without the cheese factor that most power metal comes with, but the gurgling bass rumble is pure heavy metal!

King of Bones have offered a serious slice of heavy metal heaven and bring a sound of the 80’s to your home but with twenty first century production. Highly recommended!