[REVIEW] Iron Witch/The Atrocity Exhibit | Split

398888Band: Iron Witch/The Atrocity Exhibit

Release: Split

Label: Witch Hunter Records

Location: Liverpool/Northamptonshire, UK

Genre: Sludge Doom/Grind Death

Release Date: 31st October 2013

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link: Iron Witch FB / The Atrocity Exhibit FB

The mighty sludge lords Iron Witch have returned and this time they are sharing the spoils with Grind/Death merchants The Atrocity Exhibit. This is Iron Witch’s follow up to their excellent Hangover Suicide EP and their offering this time around is Her Cheating Heart, just over six minutes of slow, down tuned sludged goodness! Raw, abrasive vocals sound out over the bands groove drenched tones, tones made of methodical drum beats and symbol crashes that keeps the bands pace at a drawling rate whilst fuzz laden riffs and rumbling bass complete their repertoire. Whilst for the most part Her Cheating Heart is a repetitive droning tome of doom, there is the occasional bout of wandering riffs and solos, but for the most part the band produce just what you want, laborious crawling doom savagery!

The Atrocity Exhibit fill up side B with Throne of Bile, their first offering since their last split with Catheter, also last year! Throne of Bile is an unexpected treasure and one that fits very nicely on a split with Iron Witch. The Atrocity Exhibit has a real sludge element to their scathing, abrasive approach and this slow aggressive track is drenched in reverb and fuzz. In fact on this showing I do wonder if the band are putting grindcore behind them and branching out into new down tuned territories because on the showing of this excellently performed and deliciously heavy track, The Atrocity Exhibit have moved well into the mould of monolithic, crushing sludge fury!