[REVIEW] Enferia | Unsound Dimensions

399102Band: Enferia

Release: Unsound Dimensions

Label: Self Released

Location: Sweden

Genre: Heavy

Release Date: 10th January 2014

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 6 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook

Swedish heavy metal band Enferia have just unveiled their debut self released album entitled Unsound Dimensions. Things open with an intro of of nightmarish tones before the powerful sound of their flowing heavy metal style kicks in with End Inanity. Clean and accented vocals sound pleasant but are a little too low key to be called powerful whilst hard hitting riffs and drumming combine with sturdy bass lines and wandering synth play to give things a slight power metal meets melodic death metal feel!

Far from the polished heavy metal finish that so many bands go for these days, Enferia have a rough edged style, raw in places but their sound is always flowing and always catchy despite not being to my tastes!

It would be hard to deny though that Enferia are a band who don’t know how to write a good track and their album remains on an even par in terms of quality, though there is an inter-changeability about their tracks that means the band don’t leave a lasting impression. That said I’d give them a listen, there will be many of you who dig this!