[REVIEW] Draco Hypnalis | Balance of Moments

353835Band: Draco Hypnalis

Release: Balance of Moments

Label: Zero Budget Productions

Location: Zlín-Malenovice, Czech Republic

Genre: Progressive Death

Release Date: 14th July 2012

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 7 out of 10

Link: Band Myspace

Released a couple of years ago through Zero Budget Productions, Balance of Moments is the third studio album from Czech progressive death metallers Draco Hypnalis! This isn’t your run of the mill death metal album that’s for certain. featuring some bizarre time signatures on the riffs, cosmic melodies and wandering undertones and changeable vocals that swing from jester like japes to rough guttural growls, plus a flurry of violin here and there,nobody can accuse Draco Hypnalis of being bland or ordinary! This is a band who puts a lot of thought into their music and even finds the time to include some blast beating black metal influence into the folds of their diverse musical tapestry!

It isn’t all about lyrical content either as Shostakovich demonstrates with an instrumental rendition of a classical piece, expertly played and in doing so creates a great atmospheric ambiance to the album. Beyond the Bent Seas also has a neoclassical edge, combining superb beauty and grace with harder riffs and venomous growls. Indeed the whole album carries on in this myriad of sounds, experiences and twists! Sometimes heavy and forth right, more often than not winding, undulating and melodic and as a whole an album I recommend you try!