[REVIEW] Alkerdeel & Gnaw Their Tongues | Dyodyo Asema

alkerdeel_GTT_coverBand: Alkerdeel & Gnaw Their Tongues

Release: Dyodyo Asema

Label: ConSouling Sounds

Location: Belgium/Holland

Genre: Raw Sludge/Black/Noise/Experimental

Release Date: 1st January 2014

Reviewer: Katie Haley-Halinski

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link: Alkerdeel FB / Gnaw Their Tongues FB


Where to begin with this thing? It’s a monolithic entity from the pits of hell, a horrendous being that drags itself groaning and delirious from the nether realms of somewhere that your brain keeps telling you cannot exist, for the sake of your own wellbeing. But it does. And I’m really, actually, somewhere in the trembling inner regions of my being, rather pleased about this.

‘Doyodo Asema’ is, for better or for worse, a minor masterwork in scaring people shitless. The agonised vocals that screech their way up from the very bowels of torment, dizzyingly echoing from afar yet disconcertingly raw and close to the ear are given a nauseating ambience courtesy of a thrumming sludge of an instrument that is too bassy for a guitar yet more fuzzed-out and discordant than a bass has any right to be. The drums, far back in the mix and more ghost than visceral monster, lurch from being barely present to being a constant stream of muttering double kick. But what works best of all, perhaps, is the way in which the track is structured. Clocking in at nineteen minutes of blackened sludge in all its howls and groans and lo-fi bassy roar, this could easily have been a monotonous pedestrian tourist trip around the usual “look how scary!” attention-seeking gubbins. But instead, this is a sculpted, climactic beast that rises from a slow, ambient start; rising through slow, doomy, sludgy discordance to “true” lo-fi black metal, through to a rising, blood-stirring final section that brings everything to an apocalyptic finale, where ambient shrieks, church bells and unidentifiable rumbles jostle beneath yet more humming music tones and the final anguished vocal intonations.

It’s not often that one track alone makes you feel like you’ve just been in hand-to-hand combat with Satan. Wow.