[REVIEW] Neurosphere | Megantereon

352374Band: Neurosphere

Release: Megantereon

Label: Revalve Records

Location: Rome, Italy

Genre: Melodic Death

Release Date: 8th March 2013

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

Rating: 7 out of 10

Link: Band Facebook

Hailing from Rome is a new melodic death metal band with a debut album in tow. Released through Revalve Records, Megantereon is the opening offering from Roman quintet Neurosphere who open things Beyond the Gates of Pluto, a moderately paced track that uses subtle amounts of synth for ambiance but relies more heavily on its rough edged riff-age, sturdy bass play and intricate drumming melodies in order to create the bands vast harmonic web of sound. I was surprised at the rawness of this album, you’d expect a melodic death metal to be have a refined, smooth sound but its quite the opposite here! In fact Neurosphere take influence from both traditional death and black metal in creating their sound and as such when you listen to them don’t be surprised at the rough guttural vocals that accompany the cleaner style, or the vicious moments of blast beating fury from the drummer. All moments that I think give the album a far more underground and enjoyable edge!

Essentially this album is a very mixed bag of influences and styles. One moment dark, aggressive and surly, the next melodic, flowing and even trippy with some 60’s style psychedelia to the synth work. It all culminates to make a diverse and endearing album and one you should hasten to get your hands on!