Amputated | Dissect, Molest, Ingest [UK Brutal Death Metal] Review by Luke Hayhurst


With an intro of mixed news reports that tell of first a killing and then the gory details leading to cannibalism, this is the sickening start to a long awaited return!

Yes after a long gap of five whole years UK brutal death metal mongers Amputated, the butchers of Bristol are back with their third full length studio album, Dissect, Molest, Ingest! Released through brutalists Sevared Records this new opus of filth, entrails and gore blasts into furious life with the extremely catchy and crushingly heavy Gorging on Putrid Discharge and then never looks back as blood soaked carnage is wielded and the evidence devoured!

Further annihilation is witness during the colossal and mind shattering The Local Flavour which combines sickening riff onslaughts aided in no small part by a huge dose of rumbling bass and the frenetic machinations of an over worked drummer. to temper the storm the Avon Annihilators (I have more of those) produce a thick, guttural and slower paced type of horror, oppressively heavy and oh so good to listen too!

Further on and Infanticidal Dysmorphia packs a bass heavy punch with some truly slamming sledge  hammer like riffs and beats whilst Skullfuck Lobotomy (That’s going to hurt) is almost bouncy in its catchiness and thoroughly devastating in slower moments! Psychotropic Suicide is nothing short of a genocidal onslaught tempered by moments of psychological warfare and menacing vibes whilst the West Country warmongers (Told you) are at their most gruesome and chugging best as they churn out another monstrous tome in the form of the hilariously entitled When Whores Meet saws!

Subatomic Insemination is a serious slam fest, a real chance for some furious head banging and vicious pitting whilst Six Feet Deep showcases the bands technical prowess with some different time signatures on the riffs and a slower, more methodical approach that increases the bands intense heaviness, and also showing off with some old school traditional death metal riffs!

The albums penultimate track is also their album title track. Dissect, Molest, Ingest is a short sharp shock of brutal death savagery from these Severn Estuary Slaughter Lords (That’s four I believe, but whose counting?) and leads neatly into the albums swan song,  the venomously scathing Toolbox Abortionist.

Easily going to make it on to my albums on the year list I think, I reckon it will be on a few of yours too!