Vorna | Ajastaika [Finnish Folk/Black Metal] Review by Luke Hayhurst


Vorna are a Finnish folk/black metal whose name is a Finnish folklore character and their debut album, Ajastaika has been released through Inverse Records.

Ajastaika comes on the back of three demo releases and opens with the short intro like Taakse jää, a windswept setting with a bell tolling in the background and gravel foot steps that leads into the crushing opening riffs of Hiiden taival, a track that partners up fast, venomous black metal with the soothing graces of a more folk like style. Excellent growled vocals and the thundering of drum stick on skin, changeable paced double kick drumming and the rumble of bass, all played superbly and to the backdrop of haunting undertones.

With any folk influenced black metal album you can’t just barge into things and lay down an onslaught of grim grinding riffs and thundering blast beats. Craft is required to sculpt your songs, pace changes, vocal style diversity and knowing when to let loose with the heavy stuff and when to bring it all down to ground level for some calmer, more subtle work.

If any band demonstrates this awareness its Vorna, whose debut album is ripe with wandering violin melodies, the occasional haunting chant like vocals and the ability to be furious one moment and the epitome of tranquility the next! Because of this Ajastaika never over stays its welcome and this subtle grace meets roaring colossus is an experience worth having.