Jøtnarr | Divide the Growth & Stone [UK Black Metal/Crust] Review by Luke Hayhurst


This is my second time reviewing new UK blackened crusties Jøtnarr and once again its quite a treat!

I’ve had to listen a few times now to let this small demo sink in as at just five minutes long its here one moment and gone the next! Opening track A Plague on Earth I swear has a progressive element too it. There are cold tones in this I’ve hear used in progressive rock, but of course never encrusted in such filthy, blackened squalor before. Relics is more of the same, more so in fact! Sublime ice like melodies grind out in abrasive fashion to the chorus of frenetic and constant blast beats, and all the while savage riffs and tortured, bleak vocals sound out in the most hostile of ways!

I want more Jøtnarr, more than five minutes!! I want an album!