macabre - dahmer cover

Dahmer is the third full length album from US brutal thrashers Macabre and now the album is being re-released for your listening pleasure.

Sporting a wonderfully old school piece of cover art, Dahmer, a concept album telling the tale of the famous serial killer and his… ahem…work, gets under way with Dog Guts and begins an epic journey of out right brutality and sheet comedy with a little grotesque history thrown in too! Each song is a short sharp shock of putrid vulgarity and hilarious banter as well as some track of pure insanity, McDahmers springs instantly to mind!

Telling the story of Dahmer from being a child who didn’t like his toys (Dog Guts) and on through his teenage years (Hitchhiker) which displays some superb old school chugging brutality, the band never let the intensity of their barrage waver, unless they can get a laugh out of it that is. (In The Army Now)

The further you go, the more of Dahmer’s twisted world you discover (Grandmother’s House) and tales of his working life are especially creepy! (Jeffrey & The Chocolate Factory) The bands musical style is reminiscent of the band Mucky Pup in its gore laden onslaught like manner and hilarious avenues and twists!

Further hilarity continues with Jeffrey Dahmer Blues, Coming to Chicago and Scrub a Dub Dub before the band begin to tell of Dahmer’s last acts of horror before his eventual cornering and death! (Christopher Scarver & Dahmer’s Dead)

I can fully see why this is being re-released, a seriously funny and violently heavy album to titillate and tantalize your musical taste buds!