Christ Denied - Cancer Eratication


Christ Denied - Cancer Eratication

I recently reviewed one of the pioneers of the Spanish death metal scene, a band named Avulsed.

Also one of the fore runners of the Spanish death metal scene is Christ Denied who have been active since way back in 1994. This death dealing duo features Avulsed member Dave Rotten as well as Roger Infected and despite their lengthy career, Xtreem Music released Cancer Eradication is the bands debut album! Opening with the following statement: If you are a Christian you are about to begin a fascinating journey, Christ Denied then unleash a forty minute battering of savage death metal brutality that often borders on the gore grind in terms of sickening sounds and pure perversion.

With some insightful yet hilarious audio sampled embedded into their sound, Christ Denied are eager to get their anti-Christian rhetoric across to their audience. For me the strongest part of this incredibly strong album is the powerful, gore laden almost grind like vocals of Dave Rotten (Avulsed/Xtreem Music) which add an air of repugnant filth to proceedings whilst musically the band know only one speed, lightning fast!

With furious mind bending riffs, thunderous colossal drumming and the thick rumblings of bass, Christ Denied set a devastating pace but with a catchy edge! Their music flows well from song to song and the blood splattered feel of their sound actually translates to a far more cerebral lyrical content being as they are an anti-religion band, as if the name alone didn’t tell you that?

Cancer Eradication is a stinging indictment of the evils of organised religion, played in the most destructive and carnage wielding way possible, through epic ravenous death metal! Ravenous… for Christian blood!


Christ Denied