Quest Of Aidance | Misanthropic Propaganda [Swedish Death Grind] Review By Jarod Lawley

Misanthropic Propaganda Cover

From the nation best known for its punishing black metal and unique brand of death metal, Sweden, comes a different form of band,  known as Quest Of Aidance. With two EPs and a demo already part of their back catalogue, this is their debut full length, and their chance to show the world what the band is made of.

Opener “A New Storm Rising” is industrial and post-apocalyptic, decorated with delicate keyboard touches that would be at home in a Children Of Bodom track. Things don’t really get into a full-speed ahead attack until “Seething Voids” which offers a two minute attack, of death metal riffing and throat scraping vocals, akin to those of Alexi Laiho, but in this case performed by lead vocalist Daniel Valstrom.

Later on “Dimout” and “Red Dust” show off the band’s more technical side, with session drummer Oscar Nilsson doing an excellent job on both. Some symphonic respite is found in the form of “Sirian Breed” but these orchestral elements are not mixed in with any of the traditional metal in the track. With fourteen tracks to demonstrate what this band is capable of, I believe more variety would have done them nothing but favours. There’s some decent music to be found here, but with some sonic expansion, Quest Of Aidance could be more impressive than they already are.


Quest of Aidance