Sporting a stunning wild swamp like artwork, Prehuman is the Xtreem Music released debut album from Spanish doom/death five piece Onirophagus!

With artwork that eye catching you’d imagine that the music within must be something special. Something special is what you get too… a monolithic slab of doom/death that fires colossal riffs up high ans then lets them crash back down to earth with a crushing burning intensity! That isn’t all though, vocally front-man Paingrinder pounds out some truly delicious old school death metal growls whilst the band treat us to more slowed down sinister riffs and methodical drumming and bass play!

That isn’t the sum of all of Onirophagus’s parts though and when the band up the pace a groove drenched catchy stoner doom style comes into effect, tempering the bands ferocity superbly. Not only that but the band are also capable of upping their doom/death intensity too and battering out a barrage of carnage fueled riffs and thunderous drumming! If that isn’t enough then the sombre acoustic interlude Aeger with its wind swept almost black metal aesthetic too it adds just another notch to the bands already chipped bed post!

A truly superb slab of sledge hammer heavy darkened doom/death barbarity, Prehuman must be experienced!