Former member of 666 and Thy Funeral and current member of DieCold, Szabo Void, has his own one man atmospheric black/doom project entitled Spuolus!

He released his debut album Behind the Event Horizon back in 2010 and over the course of four tracks and one hour he creates something bordering on a blackened obsession with funeral and drone doom, whilst fusing his sound with swirling, spacial atmospheric wanderings!

This is harrowing metal of the most monolithic order, a crushing and cavernous display of deep, brooding melancholy, raw unbridled passion and an emotive, thorough slab of slow, extremity! Very different from his work in Diecold although the mood is very similar, yet this must be experienced release shows the mans diversity and talent!




I covered Thy Funeral back in Part I and this time I’m stepping back to 2008 and Thanatos’s three track demo, Master of Rebellion. It as you’d expect, a grinding piece of black metal savagery that borders on the maniacal, whilst using what i love most, slow, oppressive riffs, methodical drumming and raw vocals to create an intense, bleak atmosphere!

Despite it being only three tracks in length, Master of Rebellion is a thirty minute endurance test of colossal proportions. Crushing lo-fi black metal doesn’t get much better than this and the further into this remarkable demo you progress, the more atmospheric and chilling it becomes. A Master of rebellion he may be, but he has mastered the art of emotive, ambient black metal just as well.


Thy Funeral


To end with I though I’d let you in on one of the Hungarian undergrounds best kept secrets. Info on Woodspirit is scarce but they are a black ambient noise art project signed with Sigillvm Tenebrae Records.

Deepening to Never Ending Darkness is an ambient, patient and atmospheric affair, and despite subtle tones has an extraordinary amount of foreboding tension in its creation. This isn’t black metal but its aesthetic, its ethos and its whole darkened vibe is very much in the style of black metal. Its wonderful harmonies are graceful through and through and the texture and depth of Woodspirit is beyond reproach! Its no wonder then that Swiss black metal band Hatesworn teamed with Woodspirit for a two track split. Hatesworn are black metal but their sound is deeply melodic and atmospheric and their fit with Woodspirit is undeniable!

Definitely recommended to anyone who likes their music a little different!